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First Greeting from Leipzig

Hi! My dear families & friends! 

well, now in Leipzig is very cold (about 18°C), just like the winter in Taiwan, very windy and rainy. luckly, i have brought a jacket with me (that's Dad's suggestion. Love U Dad! Big KISS!)


Actually I lost my umbrella in the main trainstation, so today I buy a new one, it cost about 10 EUR. Ah, everything here is not very cheap. I have spent average less than 1EUR per meal so far. I can't believe that even myself! Haha, I'm so proud of myself! And I have found a Citibank close to the Augustutz Platz(it's near by the Tram stop) so it's easy for me to change the traveler's check without any extra fee.


Don't worry, my dear Dad and Mom! I'm fine here. Just the food here is, well, very salty, so I am a little bit, mmm... I don't know how to say that in English, in German is "ungewöhnlich", maybe you could check this word on the online-dictionary.


My roommate is called Sabrina, she is a student in University Leipzig. Well, she has fawn hair, pretty big eyes and a nice voice. We haven't talk to each other much yet, but I will.


In the welcome party I have met a lots people from all the world. Unexpectly, I have met a Schoolsister from Wenzao! Her name is Mei-Shin from E35B, she is also Bie-Wei's schoolsister(they both are number 92) What a small world!


Tomorrow we will go to the city center of Halle(a city near by Leipzig) and see a drama which act by the highschool students in local highschool in theater.


It takes times for me to write in English now, all the worlds in my brain are in German! 


Ok, it time to go back to my dorm, it's 17:53 now.

And you can see the photos here: http://www.wretch.cc/album/chiayulin  please choose the album named"Friderika", and the password is "lin",enjoy it!

11.7.07 17:55

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